Improve Care

Significantly and tangibly improve the care of people with Down syndrome.

Advance Treatments

Advance effective treatments for people with Down syndrome.

Mobilize Trials

Attract more public and industry sponsors to conduct clinical trials for Down syndrome.

DS-CTN Clinical Trial Sites

In the last 15 years, important research has advanced our understanding of the conditions that affect children and adults with Down syndrome (DS). Today, researchers have identified therapeutic targets that could have a significant impact on improving health and independence in people with DS. The Down Syndrome Clinical Trials Network is blazing a trail for clinical trials to develop the necessary treatments and interventions for people with DS.

DS-CTN has launched with eleven sites ready and coordinated to conduct large, multi-site trials in 9 states by 2020 with the supervision of experienced clinicians who are experts at providing medical care for individuals with Down syndrome.

DS-CTN Coordinating Team

Our first focus is supporting observational studies and preparing for possible clinical trials aimed at preventing Alzheimer’s onset in adults with Down syndrome – because promising medicines are ready and by age 55–60 years at least 70% will develop Alzheimer’s dementia.

In the future, we plan to expand and include readiness for trials involving speech, sleep, and other conditions in pediatrics and adults with Down syndrome. Several of the initial DS-CTN clinical sites already see pediatric-aged patients. Download the DS-CTN FAQ.

DS-CTN is supported by the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) as a coordinating center, and NCRAD as the central biobank.

  • James Hendrix, Ph.D.

    LuMind IDSC Foundation

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • William Mobley, MD, Ph.D.

    University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

    Professor of Neurosciences
    Associate Dean for Neurosciences Initiatives
    Executive Director of Down Syndrome Research and Treatment Center

  • Carolyn Revta, MPH

    Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study University of California, San Diego

    Clinical Trials Project Manager

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